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Since you are here, why don’t you take look this Zion Williamson Extension? We sure that you look for something new. Considering that you are a fan of Zion, this extension is definitely for you. Give it a chance and surely you will not regret it. We add many cool features to our extension and of course there are a lot of Zion Williamson wallpapers as well. Before we take a deeper look to our extension, let’s take moment and read the blog post about the new sensation of the NBA; Zion Williamson.

In USA, basketball is the main enjoyment of the people. It reached a level that, basketball fans are so intimate and follow the player even in a college level. In college years Zion always draw attention of basketball fans. His domination under the rim and power dunks are the main event for the fans. Athleticism and jumping ability of him, attracts the media as well. When you look for him on the internet you can find tons of highlight videos. Which means he has a huge popularity on a large scale. In his college years as a freshmen his stats were off the charts. Only a couple of players put that kind of games such as Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis. Zion won a lot of awards in his college years and that put him on the center of attention. Everybody knew that he will play in the NBA.

In 2019 he drafted as a number one pick by New Orleans Pelicans. Since Anthony Davis traded to Lakers, the team had a huge gap. Pelicans need someone the fill this gap and Zion was up for that challenge. As a popular college player who drafted in the NBA expectations were high naturally. In his second game of the NBA he finished with 29 points adding the incredible field goal percentage. That game against the Chicago Bulls is a statement. Zion has a potential of becoming as superstar calibre player. NBA has a lot of new generation of super-rookies and Zion also put his name on that board. Even though his struggled with injuries at the beginning, now he is ready for the challenge.

New Sensation New Wallpapers

By creating this new Zion Williamson extension, we had a progressive approach. Our users have right to see new content and new features to enjoy to customize their browsers. That is why we choose Zion Williamson as a theme. We have gathered specifically high quality images from the web. Our collection of wallpaper images is vast and you can choose any of them to use as a background. Aside from high quality Zion Williamson wallpapers, our interface is also easy to use. Mainly because while browsing you do not need to pass long processes. Only one click should be enough for you! for that we have direct links for you the reach Popular browser games, popular websites, social media and google search bar. We are quite confident about you will enjoy every moment while using our Zion Willamson extension!





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