The Sims FreePlay Wallpapers & Custom New Tab

The Sims FreePlay is a life simulation game developed by EA Mobile. It is a free Sims game for mobile devices.

With the The Sims FreePlay new tab and wallpapers extension you’re diving into a brand new web experience and we present you very high quality The Sims FreePlay wallpapers in high resolution. With the The Sims FreePlay new tab extension you’ll see wallpapers that include the The Sims FreePlay game and characters. If you wish, you can download these The Sims FreePlay wallpapers free of charge and make them your phone, tablet PC or computer wallpapers. The free of charge The Sims FreePlay new tab and wallpapers extension isn’t limited to these. Our The Sims FreePlay new tab extension holds many features like time, date and weather forecast. So you can surf the internet and enjoy it more. If you’re interested, keep reading!

The Sims FreePlay – Live out your dreams

The Sims FreePlay is a game from the creators of The Sims, the best-selling life simulation game. Now it is time for a mobile Sims game. With over 300 million downloads, The Sims FreePlay is a must-play game.
You can customize every aspect of the Sims’ lives. You can build multiple floor homes, swimming pools and decorate your houses creatively. Adopt pets, shop at the shopping mall and go to the beach! It is very easy to live life to the fullest in this game.

You can start relationships, fall in love and get married. You can have a happy family and have BBQ parties outdoors. You can also befriend teens. Love, drama, friendships… It’s your call.
You can start different careers and work at a Police Station, Movie Studio or the Hospital. Improve your skills and raise your salary, choose different hobbies. But most importantly, create and maintain your Sims with love!
The Sims Freeplay is regularly updated so you won’t be bored easily.

The Sims FreePlay Features of new tab extension

  • The Sims FreePlay wallpapers will show up on your new tab browser. (You can look over wallpapers from extension’s backgrounds section and you can give priority to wallpapers that you like. During the first set up thanos) wallpapers will display randomly.
  • Date and Time on new tab (You can choose whether 12 hours or 24 hours periods.) (This can be cancelled from settings.)
  • Estimated weather forecast of your location is one of the features of new tab. (When you do not want to use, you can deactivate it from settings.
  • With the Social media pins, you can get high speed access to Facebook, twitter, eBay, amazon, Instagram etc.
  • Customized private search engine will be set as current searching engine.
  • Have fun with several HTML 5 games where you may find them in popular games menu.
  • Favourites: In case of using our free extension, your mostly used internet websites will be shown up in new tab and you can get high access to them.
  • Last visited pages: Don’t get lost among mess-up chrome menus in order to find your last visited pages. Set up our extension. After you activate it this feature will automatically be activated in new tab.
  • Themes: Reach new tab wallpapers which are display and designed for you by us by us just to click on this menu

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