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The Matrix;

The Matrix is a film written and directed by brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski. The film was released in 1999. The film is an action science fiction genre. The film has a rich cast. The film stars are Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving.

Want to try The Matrix new tabs and wallpaper extension with The Matrix Movie and high-quality wallpapers of its lead actors? Want to get your Chrome browser new tab landing page to a more original and different design? Not only that, do you want a lot of extra features on the browser’s new tab page ( weather, date and time, games, custom search engine, current news, etc.) ? If the answer to these three questions is yes, you should definitely download the Matrix customizable extension that we posted in the Chrome Web store.

To refresh your knowledge of The Matrix and learn more, you must read more of our article.

Unknown world of hacker…

Science fiction films are always about events in the future or on another planet. In The Matrix, the subject is mentioned in today’s environment. Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer, is also a very deft “hacker” nicknamed Neo. But men in black suits and glasses follow Neo. He will learn the reason for this follow-up from Morpheus. Neo will find himself in a grand conspiracy that Morpheus had to rely on. This world we think live in is actually deceptive. All humanity are actually slaves to creatures from outer space. With the help of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus, they join a group dedicated to destroying this order. Neo is seeks the truth, goes to the conversation and wants to get rid of the lies he is in, he does not know but feels… And the adventure is begins.

The Matrix Features of new tab extension

  • The Matrix wallpapers will show up on your new tab browser. (You can look over wallpapers from extension’s backgrounds section and you can give priority to wallpapers that you like. During the first set up thanos) wallpapers will display randomly.
  • Date and Time on new tab (You can choose whether 12 hours or 24 hours periods.) (This can be cancelled from settings.)
  • Estimated weather forecast of your location is one of the features of new tab. (When you do not want to use, you can deactivate it from settings.
  • With the Social media pins, you can get high speed access to Facebook, twitter, eBay, amazon, Instagram etc.
  • Customized private search engine will be set as current searching engine.
  • Have fun with several HTML 5 games where you may find them in popular games menu.
  • Favourites: In case of using our free extension, your mostly used internet websites will be shown up in new tab and you can get high access to them.
  • Last visited pages: Don’t get lost among mess-up chrome menus in order to find your last visited pages. Set up our extension. After you activate it this feature will automatically be activated in new tab.
  • Themes: Reach new tab wallpapers which are display and designed for you by us by us just to click on this menu

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