The 100 TV series full hd wallpapers

Presented by CW in 2014, “The 100” is an apocalyptical science fiction drama. It is based on a novel having the same name by Kas Morgan. Created by Jason Rothenberg, this very popular series features Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, and Marie Avgeropoulos. Whether a fresh flourishing for human life in earth is possible, is the main quest of the series. If you like this series, we suggest you to install our new tab theme extension. This extension allows you to give a fresh appearance to your web browser with its “The Hundred” theme.

The 100 TV Series wallpapers

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The Fall of the Man on Earth for a Second Time

A nuclear war wipes out life on earth. The only survivors are the crew of twelve space stations that has been sent to space before the deadly nuclear war broke out. The stations join together and forms a unit called “the Ark”, where humans reproduces in 97 years of time. Now, the resources are limited and there are too many people living in the Ark. Any crimes is punished to death by being thrown to outer space. One day, the criminals are pardoned and they are forcefully sent to the world to test whether the human being can survive on earth again. However, they finds out that there are humans on the planet, who survived in the radioactive atmosphere, called grounders. Here the struggle beings.

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