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Iron Man custom new tab & wallpapers

Iron Man; Iron Man 2008 is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film released by Marvel Comics Company. It’s a white screen adaptation of a comic book called Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. plays the hero of the film, Iron Man. The actor is accompanied by Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow and …

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Iron Man chrome new tab and wallpapers extension

Tony Stark, a famous inventor and billionaire, takes over the company left by his father which is Stark Industries and starts producing weapons. He earns money from weapons and gets into the blood of people. This makes Tony Stark feel responsible to people. In secret co-operation of Obadiah Stane who …

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Black Widow custom new tab extension & wallpapers

Black Widow first appears as a Russian spy in an Iron-Man adventure published in 1964 without any superpower costume. The character is updated in 1970, first getting its own costume and then its series. We listen to the clearest information about him from the former Soviet soldier named Ivan Petrovich …

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