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Boruto HD Wallpapers & New Tab

As a sequel for the Naruto, Boruto is aired in 2017. It has the same setting as Naruto as you can imagine but time period is much different than usual. Boruto is the son of Naruto who become a hokage –the leader of the village- and most of the characters …

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Naruto Custom new tab and wallpapers extension

Hiding in the shadows, complete your mission and hone your skills. Being a ninja is basically means those. I seems dark and tense isn’t it? Aside from all that Naruto’s ninja world have also ‘’a bright side’’ which we can observe through the character development of our main character Naruto. …

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Pokemon new tab & Wallpapers

A worldwide phenomena ‘’Pekomon’’ almost conquered every part of the world. Generations of people dreamed about having a pokemon and begin a journey. Pokemon literally means the imaginary creatures loyal to its owner. To be able to have this kind of connection, one needs to collect them. By collecting diferent …

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Fairy Tail Wallpapers and New Tab

Imagine a world where magic is everything. Fairy Tail universe is filled magic guilds. Different type of wizards gathers around and take different type of jobs to have an income and reputation. Lucy Herartfilia is one of them. She begins her journey to join the famous magic guild Fairy Tail. …

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Dragon Ball Z New Tab & Wallpapers

In 1984, Akira Toriyama created and published the Dragon Ball series. Since then the concept of anime and shounen genre is changed and took shape. It is safe to say that, Dragon Ball is one of the most influential and popular series of all time. Even in the sale numbers …

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One Piece custom new tab & wallpapers

Even as a child Monkey D. Luffy wanted to become a pirate. Sailing through seas and do everything that he wants is enough for Luffy to be happy. However his main focus and ambition is become a pirate king and find the treasure that left in some part of the …

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