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Sword Art Online is inspired by Anime that takes place in the near future and focuses on the MMORPG world. The game is developed by DIMPS and released by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. To play Sword Art Online, you have to buy to play. You may play on different types of platforms PS, Xbox, or PC. In terms of progress and story, SAO is different than other games. If you wish, by keep on reading our article you can easily access add-on that offers you specially designed wallpapers.

What is the story of Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online is an MMORPG game that is in the limelight. The game is played via 360 virtual reality and it starts soon after being teleported to the arena. After joining the game area, the character will be controlled by stimulates that comes to the helmet you worn. When the tournament starts, there is an important rule. People who join that tournament must know that they are prohibited to leave, and they scare because if you die in the tournament or if you try to take off the helmet, it results in death. The tournament is so complicated that you may not go through difficulties because there are a lot of bosses you have to defeat. However, Kirito, with an act of great courage, starts planning to win the tournament by defeating the final boss which is on the 100th floor.

What are the series of Sword Art Online MMO?

Alicization Lycoris (2020)
Lovely Honey Days VR (2018)
Fatal Bullet (2018)
Integral Factor (2017)
Memory Defrag (2017)
Lost Song (2015)
Code Register (2014)
Hollow Fragment (2014)
Infinity moment (2013)


Kirito: Kirito is one of the heroes who fight in SOA. Though he has a feminine vision, his fighting skills are overpowered.

Asuna: Asuna is the sub-leader of ‘Knights of the Blood Oath’ which is one of the best guilds in SOA. She is so talented that people call her a ‘Flash’.

Leafa: Leafa is a girl who slips into the game in certain circumstances and she is seen as a mystery because of wings on her back.

Lisbeth: She is a weaponsmith and mace expert.

Silica: She is talented at taming, and she has a small dragon.

Sinon: After met Kirito, she joins the game. Also, she wanders around the SOA world.

Yui: She is a player of the ‘Mental Health Counseling Program MHCP0001.


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