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Hey there NBA fans! Let’s have look the Stephen Curry extension. We prepared many features for you including high quality and handpicked Stephen Curry wallpapers for background images for your Chrome tabs. You can easily install the Stephen Curry extension in Chrome Web store. And also, if you are not happy about it, you can uninstall it easily as well. It is free and optional. However if you have suggestion or inform us about why you uninstall, we will be delightful. Since we are always improving Stephen Curry extension experience all the time.

Stephen Curry was drafted in 2009 by Golden State warriors. He is also the son of Dell Curry, a former NBA player and veteran shooter. He took that from his father and over the years, perfected it and now his three point shot became his signature move in the NBA. A quick release shot, gives him the advantage over taller players too. He got used to it because he always faced huge players over his basketball life.

As a point guard he knew that his responsibility is huge. As he improved himself in Golden State Warriors, the team leaned on his talents that nourished over the years. Especially the fast paced offence is centred on him. His contribution to the team gives him three NBA championships and two Finals MVP. Golden State Warriors became a powerhouse and feared by all the teams in NBA because of his efforts.

His shooting skills make the opposed team’s defence crumble and with that his teammates find efficient way to score. As you can see Curry is not about just shooting to ball well. He is not a selfish player and always creating his teammates to room to operate at the court all times. Leading the game in three points made in 2012-13 season, signing a modest contract to help the team, winning a three point are only the some parts of his prolific career.

Even though no one paid attention to him due to his physical frame in his early years, he surprised everyone with is outstanding basketball IQ and game sense. The work ethic and ambition of Stephen Curry made him a champion and bring the first title in Golden State Warriors franchise history. Imagine the joy of him and his fans while he was holding the championship trophy.

Features that will Bring You the ‘’Quality’’

Browsing or surfing on the internet seems natural since it is the common activity. However if you install this Stephen Curry extension, you will see that something will change the experience of spending on internet. Since we knew that Stephen Curry is one of the most popular and talented players of the NBA, we had to create this extension with special wallpapers. Our features like popular games, easy acces to social media and popular websites, will save your time on customized browser. Stephen Curry extension will be the essential element of your Chrome browser!

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