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We bring you the Russell Westbrook Extension! Since Westbrook is one of the most competitive and ferocious players ever walk the court, we think this extension will be irreplaceable for your Chrome browser! If you are a fan of Russell Westbrook, without wasting time, install this extension and enjoy its features!

The upbringing of Russell Westbrook was humble but his work ethic was always off the charts. Even in young age, he work with his father in various ways. They even do military drills together. This was a huge impact on Westbrook’s growth and attitude we seen from him on the court. ‘’outworking everyone’’ is his constant approach to develop his game on a high level. As he grew he become stronger in terms of athleticism. The former skinny boy change himself to a beast on the court. Most of the former coaches of Westbrook stated that ‘’this kid will grow even more’’. That is the case about Russell Westbrook.

By the time he landed on Oklahoma City Thunder, Westbrook surrounded by a generation of star players. However, he was not intimidated by it and focused on his game. The attitude and toughness of him always gave him the upper hand on the court. We can see this from his signature ‘’loud dunks’’ where he dunk the ball and scream his heart out. In terms of competitiveness, Russell was recognized by all the greats of the NBA. He established himself as an answer to question of ‘’who do you think the most competitive player in the NBA?’’. Add to that, with his speed and athleticism, Westbrook is the most efficient point guard of the today’s NBA. As a point guard who utilizes the offence and defence, Westbrook is prolific and extraordinary. He is one of the top passers of the NBA. His non-selfish attitude made him an excellent passers. We saw numerous iconic moment while Russell passed the ball.

The one thing the Westbrook is known for is what he did on 2016-2017 season. That season he broke the record of Oscar Robertson with 42 triple double. It is easy to see as number but it is a quite impossible feat to achieve in the NBA. With that he awarded as Most Valuable player of the 2016-2017 season. In 2019 he traded to Houston Rockets and get together with his former teammate James Harden. Now the fans expected more from him and we will see how he will respond to that.

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The idea behind this extension is enjoy its users and Russell Westbrook fans. Because of that, we choose high quality images for you to use as a background. Thus you can change the theme of your browser, as you see fit. We designed the interface so that you can use its features without wasting your time. Direct links and direct search bar –compatible only with Chrome- are the sole purpose of easy access. Give a chance to Russell Westbrook Extension which is available in the Chrome Web Store.

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