Prison Break full hd wallpapers

Brotherhood, innocent conviction, sacrifice, action, and love are among the themes making the FOX production “Prison Break” one of the most popular series worldwide. To rescue his elder brother Dominic Purcell from death, Wentworth Miller risks his freedom, life, and even his love Sarah Wayne Callies. This series has millions of fans around the globe. So, we recommend you remember the best scenes of “Prison Break” in your web browser. When you install our new tab extension with “Prison Break” theme, you will enjoy photos of the cast of this series every time you open a new tab.

Prison Break wallpapers

We suggest you have a look at our new extension Prison Break where you can find the most special and the best quality wallpapers of your favorite TV series Prison Break, an unforgettable classic with its scenes and featuring actors and actresses. With this extension, you can enjoy high quality and very fun wallpapers featuring best scenes and cast of your favorite TV series Prison Break. Furthermore, features of our new tab extension Prison Break are not limited only with these, of course. We transform your Chrome new tab into a page that you can easily personalize. Weather forecasts, social media platforms, date and time, links to popular PC games, a personalized search engine and many other features await you with Prison Break new tab extension. If you want to find out more about this extension, please visit our Extension Properties page. There is an excerpt below for you to read and refresh your memories about TV series Prison Break.

Brotherhood More Important Than Freedom

Michael Scofield’s elder brother Lincoln Burrows is sentenced to death as a result of a political conspiracy. He is convicted of having killed the brother of the Vice President, which he has not. To save his brother from the prison, he draws a genius plan on himself as a full-body tattoo. Then, he installs himself into the same prison as a result of a petty crime he commits. In the course of the events, Michael falls in love with the prison doctor Sara Tancredi, who helps them escape. Michael organizes other prisoners and launches escape plans more than once.

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