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For those who need a quality time on personal browser, we have Paul George Extension right here in the Chrome Web Store! If you need a new theme and you are a Paul George fan, be sure to try this extension. It will fit your settings and idea of customization. Also check our blog post about Paul George. It will give you an idea about him. And maybe there will something that you did not know before!

When he came to NBA Paul George did not impact the league on a huge level. However scouts knew that he had a potential. Only a matter of time before he shows his qualities. He started with Indıana Pacers and as time passes he become starter for his team. As a rookie he was also a starter in the NBA finals. That meant his team needs a new blood and surely Paul George will deliver.

Before the 2012-2013 season George criticised because of his lack of ball handling skills and creating shots for himself. He was also aware of that and in the off season he started to train to improve his game and overcome his weaknesses. This intense training season gave fruit and in 2013 he awarded as the Most Improved Player. This is the statement that if you set your mind to it, growing will surely find you. he surprised most of the critics because not many players can improve  themselves in short amount of time.

George is a versatile player, athletic high flyer, shot maker and ferocious defender. After his huge improvement he became an All-star player and recognized by wider audience. He was always in the list of first five of steals per game. Add to that he also led the league in steals in 2019 season. George on of the two-way players that excel at both ends on the floor in terms of defence and offense. After his huge improvement he became an All-star player and recognized by wider audience. George traded to Oklahoma City Thunder and after two seasons he traded to Los Angeles Clippers and currently uses his talents for Clippers as a championship level of contender.

High Definition Wallpaper Quality and Useful Features for every User

 In Paul George Extension we have many features that you will be amazed. Also, collection of high definition images for you to use a wallpapers. These wallpapers will be you background image and when you select one of them as fixed, the image will always be at your background. In every tab you open you can see the image you select and complete the customization of your web browser. Again, in every tab you open you will see the features set. There is a nicely designed date and clock feature will show you the local time and date. Direct search bar for Google and direct links to the popular browser games as long as you have an internet connection. You can also reach popular web sites and social media with one click in Paul George Extension!






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