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My Talking Tom wallpapers chrome extension

My Talking Tom is a virtual pet app developed by Outfit7. It was released for iOs on November 25, 2013, and January 1, 2014, for Android users. There are some other games similar to My talking tom such as My Talking Hank, My Talking Angela. The aim of the game is to take care of a cat called Tom. Especially children are interested in this game that is one of the most popular games in recent times. If you are looking for wallpapers about this game, you can access them by clicking the link. In that link, there is an add-on that you can find different types of wallpapers.

How do I make my talking tom happy?

There are different ways to make him happy. First of all, you can tap on his face. Secondly, don’t forget to feed him. Pay attention to Tom’s hunger levels. As he gets hungry, he starts to get unhappy. To feed him, click on the button with the fork and knife icon to access the kitchen. Another important point is to keep him clean. Good hygiene must be one of your priorities. You should take Tom to the bathroom. Also, you need to tuck him in, if you want to make him happy. When tom feels tired, take him to his bedroom, turn the lamp off. If not, Tom will stay awake and feel tired. These are just some of them. There are a lot of things that you can do to make Tom happy similar to these features.

How do I make my talking tom repeat?

If you want to get tom to repeat what you say, you need to simply talk into the microphone of your phone. Tom listens to you carefully, and then he tries to repeat the same words. However, he does that in his incredibly hilarious voice. This is one of the things that make the game entertaining.

Does talking tom record?

In the game, you raise a cat. When you try to get tom to repeat your words, the app takes your voice recordings and shares that data with advertisers.

How do I change my talking tom name?

You can change his name by clicking the option that is on the left corner of the screen. After clicking the symbol, a new page will open. On that page, you can type the name that you want.

Does talking Tom die?

He could be super hungry, super dirty, super sleepy, but he doesn’t die. He programmed according to this.


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