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My Hero Academia

Having no special power in a world where having a quirk is only way to become a hero is surely devastating. Midoriya Izuku is an example of even if you have no quirk, this has nothing to do with your own ambitions and dreams. And Midoriya is the example of this particular situation. My Hero Academia is the story of young Midoriya and his journey of becoming a hero. In this journey, his favourite her All Might has a big role.

When he meets Midoriya and saw his ambition to protect those who need, All Might pass his powers to him. After this, Midoriya finally applies for U.A., the school of students with special powers. An exciting and also a dangerous world reveals itself for Midoriya. Protecting people from the villains is not easy as it seems. Because those kind of people are not hesitate to harm the others. If you want have an intimate connection to Midoriya’s grow, you can apply these selected wallpapers with this extension we prepared just for you! You can access it with link here.

U.A; A home of Future Heroes

For those who want to use their quirk to become a hero, they need to be educated. Mainly because, having a power is not enough. One should utilize the power in the right way. Since quirks are double-edge swords, they can also harm innocent people if it is not rightly used. To prevent that,

a hero schools are formed to educate and show the right path to the young generation. Some of the heroes in My Hero Academia acts as instructors in the U.A. They share their experiences as heroes and convey this to the students. There are also countless type of exams to test the skills of the next generation. In addition to that, internships in different hero agencies are crucially important to experience being a hero at first hand.



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