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A highly anticipated Luka Doncic Extension is ready! Now you can download and install it from the Chrome Web Store. We choose specific high definition wallpapers of Luka so that you can set as a background image to your extension tabs. We have so many feauters to show you. Browsing will be more convenient and useful for you if you install this Luka Doncic extension. By the way, it is free and optional, meaning you can uninstall it any time you want within couple of seconds. You can also communicate with us about the impressions while using our extension. Your ideas and feedback are very important for us. Surely we will assess what you think about our Luca Doncic Extension. We also include a text section includes the story of Luca Doncic for his fans to enjoy! Let’s check that out, shall we?

Luca met basketball in his early age through his father was also a basketball player. His mother was an athlete as well. That means there athleticism in his genes already. Which gave fruit almost immediately. As the time passes he was recognized by the European basketball circles. He also went to Spain as 13 year old boy. In there, he played for the Real Madrid and made a huge impact. As a young basketball player he become and MVP in the Euro League and put incredible numbers, even records too.

His success in the Europe opened a new path for him. He set his eyes to NBA where the basketball reached a highest level of competition. It was already a natural for Luka to be drafted. Finally he drafted by Dallas Mavericks in 2018. Now NBA met the ‘’El Matador’’ Luka Doncic which was his nickname in Spain. In his first season Luca Showed the NBA that he will become the cornerstone of the Dallas Mavericks. As a rookie he put incredible numbers -19 points per game- as well. Never cease to amaze his fans, Doncic was already a pro when he set foot on the NBA court.

NBA saw amazing and talented European players but nobody shook the NBA as Luca did. He even voted in the All-Star pick even though he was a rookie. That means people around the world already recognized him as professional NBA calibre player. His talents are huge impact on the court. He can shoot instantly anywhere on the court with his signature step back. He also rise in the dire situations to carry his team to victory. Game by game he establishes himself as a team leader. Indeed, we will see more amazing from him in the future.

Consistent and Easy to Use

Luka Doncic extension is available and you can require it anytime you want. We are constantly developing our extension to serve your needs while browsing on the internet. We put direct search links to save your time on Google. Instead of typing social media or popular web sites, you reach the gummy links that direct you the sites you wish immediately. We aim evaluate your internet experience with this new Luca Doncic Extension!






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