Joel Embiid Wallpaper

If you want to have a quality time on while surfing on the web you should try our Joel Embiid Extension. If you also a fan of this eccentric, positive center of Philadelphia 76’ers this extension is beyond your expectations. Since you already search for this extension then let us give you this blog post about the inspiring story of Joel Embiid.

The most interesting part of Embiid story is he never played basketball until the age of 16! Imagine that how crazy it is. However his potential and his height (6.10) is recognized and finally he immigrated to America. From that point on challenges rise one after another. Adapting a new environment, culture and learning a new language brought too much difficulties on Joel but either way he did not give up! Watching videos of former legends such as Hakeem Olajuwon and Kobe, he started to improve his game and after two years he was drafted overall 3th pick by Philadelphia 76’ers. The sad thing was he had a foot injury and his debut occurred later on. However he succeeded at the first phase of his basketball career.

By creating an image on his mind, Embiid challenge himself to become a great player. After his debut after a one whole season, he showed the world that he can score and defend. As a center he is very quick on his feet that created a path moving like Hakeem Olajuwon who is known for his footwork. Aside from that, he can also shoot three pointers! When he was young he challenged his friend for three point contest constantly and that effort made him one of the most talented big man of the NBA today. Defensively, his huge frame and quickness open a way to become an excellent protector of the rim. His reaction time is off the charts, thus he can block the opponent in a time which he anticipated less. With this qualities it is sure that he is an MVP calibre player.

Everything you need in an Extension

We covered everything for Joel Embiid fans in this extension. First of all for the background image in your new opened tabs in the extension, we have many wallpaper images with high definition quality. In every tab you open you can see your selected image on the background. That means a fresh view while you are browsing on the internet.  We put our other features to specific places in the interface of Joel Embiid Extension as well. Meaning you can find easily what you are looking for. That is very important for us to utilize our extension for our users. We tried to make it easy for you to use this extension. Surely, our extension will assist you and elevate your browsing experience in the future, without any issues. Be sure to install it!







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