Jayson Tatum New Tab Wallpapers

We always want to bring you the new content. With that purpose in our mind we created a Jayson Tatum Extension for the fans. With our extension you can change the shape of your browser. You can think of it as a new beginning. Even if it seems a trivial matter to change in your personal Chrome browser, actually it means a lot. The main reason for that is you spent most of your time on your browser for searching or looking through the web sites. If you install our Jayson Tatum extension you will realise the customizing your browser will make a huge impact on your web experience. In addition to all of that, we have blog post about Jayson Tatum for his fans down below!

When Boston Celtics drafted Tatum in 2017 people and fans are surprised. Celtics traded its first pick rights to acquire Tatum for the team. As soon as he set foot on the court as a NBA player he showed his qualities the made league realise his talents. Sure there has to the time to fully utilize his abilities but Tatum has it all. As a small forward who also have an ability to player power forward as well, Jason is quite fast and athletic player. His outside game improved throughout his career and inside he is also efficient. One season after he was drafted, he become the core of Celtics’ young core player. His talents even recognized by Kobe Bryant too! In 2019 season he won the All-Star Skills Challenge and in 2020 he became an All-Star.

From 2018 to 2019 Tatum constantly improve his efficiency and skills. Which gave him a lot of room to operate on the court. As a 22 year old with a four year experience he established himself as a star player for Boston Celtics. His game sense is increased and put his game the element of intelligence. As a new generation forward, adding side-step and step-back shot to his arsenal he became an impeccable offensive force. Of course he can defend to. He can guard multiple positions and have great sense of blocking shots and stealing the ball. His versatility made him a quite defender and threat to every player of the opposing team. For Jason, sky is the limit and we will see more from him in the future.

Eccentric and Remarkable Customization for your Browser

Celtic fans are very committed people, with their new star player Jayson Tatum their interest increased in last couple of years too. Jayson Tatum Extension serves these interests and with its features, fans will enjoy every moment while using it.  You will enjoy every moment on the web with our features. Popular games and popular web sites will be one click away. The colour and high quality Jayson Tatum wallpapers will be amazing in terms of visual quality too. You will be addicted to this extension and our selection of wallpapers before you realize! Jayson Tatum Extension is in the Chrome Web Store, waiting for you to install it!






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