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Browsing on the internet needs to be fun. That is why we created an extension focusing on James Harden of Houston Rockets. Let’s check out why our exntesion will be a suitable choice for your browser, while discovering the talents of 30 years old shooting guard of Houston Rockets!

After his trade to Houston Rockets from Oklahoma, James Harden already made a name himself. Awarded as a ‘’Sixth Man of the Year’’ in 2012, the man proved that he can contribute and score on a highest level. Which landed him on Houston Rockets and there, he nourished as a superstar.  Even in his first game as Rocket’s player, he posted 37 points and career high assist number. On that day, every NBA fan realised he is sensational scorer and does not shy from taking an initiative. Rockets started to form the team around him and his scoring abilities. Not even as a shooting guard, Harden also has the ability of making plays for his team mates. His assist numbers are also the example of he is not a selfish way approaching the game.

He is a threat on the court. His signature step-back shot and ability to force the paint are off the charts. If you are facing him one on one, all of sudden you realise he already shot to ball. Most of the new generation of NBA players try to use it because it has a successful rate.

In terms of offensive capabilities Harden is quite remarkable. He is one of the elite geniuses of the NBA has to offer. If we are talking about his efficiency, one thing that should be mentioned is how he choose to right spots to shoot. In any chance the opposite team contains him, his passing skills shows itself immediately. Also, even if his shot is contested with his euro step the inside becomes his territory in an instant. These qualities require an elite level of game sense and surely Harden has it! There is no room for error when you are facing James Harden.

A Delightful Browser Experience

Every NBA fan is familiar with the signature shoes of James Harden. A customized basketball sneaker which suitable for every basketball player. Like the signature shoes, our extension will serve you while you are browsing on the internet. Comfortable, non-time consuming and elevates your browser experience. As for the beginning we have a huge collection of James Harden wallpapers with different types of high-definition images for your background. Now every tab you open the image you set as ‘’fixed’’ will welcome you. That means the cold face of your browser will change the way you wanted to. Popular links, popular games and social media pins will direct you as the Chrome search bar will direct you where you want to be while browsing. There is no need for typing, instant access is our main quality like instant scoring abilities of James Harden!

Our extension is easy to install, give it a chance and enjoy it!






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