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Hunter x Hunter

Ging left his son at a young age and left. At the first glance it seems a tragic event. However this is the starting point of an impressive journey. Imagine an anime includes every aspect of an arc that we love in other popular series. Hunter x Hunter have fighting tournament, survival, virtual game, war and politics. And successfully delivers with these aspects to the anime lovers. That is a hard mission to complete.

As you can see Hunter x Hunter has its unique way of approaching to a storytelling in anime. The variety of storylines and characters make you think within the light of how the story goes. This young boy who has left by his father named Gon embarks on a journey to find him. He finds out that his father is a licensed hunter, he also want to become hunter to find and understand him. One of the interesting part of the story is; Gon never ask why his father left him. Instead, he tries to understand him and his mentality. So, let’s just see through the journey with these wallpapers will come with the extension here and have a personal connection with Gon’s peculiar journey.


Chimera Ant Arc

Gon and Killua meets with a hunter named Kite while searching for Gon’s father Ging. Kite is a licences hunter specialized with biology and rare species. As they talking about the Kite’s days with Ging a hidden danger approaches…

Chimera Ant Arc is a sixty episode long and one of the most exciting and intense arcs of the anime history. On the surface, it seems a group of hunters trying to fight mutated, persisted chimera ants but this sixty episodes includes more than that. A small group of hunters including Gon and Killua learns about their potential through this dangerous path reveals beyond them.

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