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She is the last surviving individual of an alien race. She was adopted by Thanos and bred to become a high-level weapon. Over time, she was equipped by Thanos with superhuman powers. In addition, it enabled her consciousness to perceive the behaviors, evil. Gamora, who was trained to be a complete assassin, with time realized that Thanos was actually a big threat while performing executions at Thanos’ command and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy team. There is also a relationship with Adam Warlock and Nova. Therefore, how about trying our chrome extension Gamora wallpapers?

“I’m going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.”

She has superhuman strength and agility. She recognizes most weapons in the galaxy and has the ability to recover over time. In fact, we can also call her the green and alien version of Black Widow. Gamora is said to be the most dangerous female assassin in the Milky Way galaxy. She is a successful athlete trained and in gymnastics, hand in hand fighting, the use of known weapons of the galaxy and hidden techniques. Gamora’s ocular implants allow it to see farther than its type can. This made Ego easily notice Nebula, who flies to her planet. Gamora’s natural power has been increased by Thanos, Adam Warlock, Black Vortex and other factors at the point where the current factors at the point where the current power level is unknown. Although, she is that powerful, was killed by her father, Thanos who made her grow up and turns into a woman.

Gamora Features of new tab extension

  • Gamora wallpapers will show up on your new tab browser. (You can look over wallpapers from extension’s backgrounds section and you can give priority to wallpapers that you like. During the first set up thanos) wallpapers will display randomly.
  • Date and Time on new tab (You can choose whether 12 hours or 24 hours periods.) (This can be cancelled from settings.)
  • Estimated weather forecast of your location is one of the features of new tab. (When you do not want to use, you can deactivate it from settings.
  • With the Social media pins, you can get high speed access to Facebook, twitter, eBay, amazon, Instagram etc.
  • Customized private search engine will be set as current searching engine.
  • Have fun with several HTML 5 games where you may find them in popular games menu.
  • Favourites: In case of using our free extension, your mostly used internet websites will be shown up in new tab and you can get high access to them.
  • Last visited pages: Don’t get lost among mess-up chrome menus in order to find your last visited pages. Set up our extension. After you activate it this feature will automatically be activated in new tab.
  • Themes: Reach new tab wallpapers which are display and designed for you by us by us just to click on this menu

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