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We tend to be more like ourselves at home and every family has a sense of humor when together, right? But the family presented in “Family Guy” is probably the oddest of all we can imagine. Created by Seth MacFarlane for Fox TV for the first time in 1999, this series quickly became a cult for animated sitcom comedy shows. Would you like to remember fun scenes from “Family Guy” while browsing on the internet? You can enjoy the best photos and memorable scenes of this series when you install our new tab theme extension.

Family Guy new tab and wallpaper extension

We suggest you have a look at our new extension Family Guy where you can find the most special and the best quality wallpapers of your favorite TV series Family Guy, an unforgettable classic with its scenes and featuring actors and actresses. With this extension, you can enjoy high quality and very fun wallpapers featuring best scenes and cast of your favorite TV series Family Guy.

Furthermore, features of our new tab extension Family Guy are not limited only with these, of course. We transform your Chrome new tab into a page that you can easily personalize. Weather forecasts, social media platforms, date and time, links to popular PC games, a personalized search engine and many other features await you with Family Guy new tab extension. If you want to find out more about this extension, please visit our Extension Properties page. There is an excerpt below for you to read and refresh your memories about TV series Family Guy.

The Unique Family with a Talking Dog and a Whimsical Baby: the Griffins

Family Guy” follows the story of the Griffin family that lives in imaginary town Quahog in Rhode Island. A little bit obese, inconsiderate, but pure character dad Petter Griffin is the husband of Lois. Lois is the mother of the family, who is very sophisticated and patient, but always fails to establish a sound communication with Peter. Meg, Chris, Stewie are the unordinary kids of the family. The most entertaining character in the series is the dog, Brian. Brian Griffin can speak like a human and it is in love with Lois, has political choices, and is a liberal. The course of the events centers on the littlest kid Stewie’s plans, which include killing his mother and capturing the earth.

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