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Doctor Who custom new tab & wallpapers

BBC One has been broadcasting the science-fiction detective series Doctor Who since 1963 for 26 seasons. 11 different actors have played the protagonist, Dr. Who, since the beginning of the series. The only female playing Doctor Who is Jodie Whittaker. Dr. Who travels in time in a Police Box called …

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South Park TV series wallpapers

Having made its premiere in 1997, “South Park” is like a crazy legend in our lives. There are protests in this series against any kind of popular disputes such as American ignorance, terrorism, popular singers, censorship, and conscience exploitation, etc. Being sometimes too political but always very cute, this series …

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Prison Break full hd wallpapers

Brotherhood, innocent conviction, sacrifice, action, and love are among the themes making the FOX production “Prison Break” one of the most popular series worldwide. To rescue his elder brother Dominic Purcell from death, Wentworth Miller risks his freedom, life, and even his love Sarah Wayne Callies. This series has millions …

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