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To NBA fans who closely watch Devin Booker of Phoenix Suns, will install this extension without a doubt. Mainly because this Devin Booker Extension includes so many high quality wallpapers and other features to make your time on browser better. Surely there tons of extension on the web, we know it already. However what we have done to create this extension includes huge effort. Also, we have user friendly approach as well. Meaning you can install and uninstall this extension easily. There is no obligation and it is completely free. Before we present you our features let’s take a look the blog post about Devin Booker, an amazing young player in NBA.

Devin Booker grew up with his mother most of the time but when he elevated himself as a talented basketball enthusiastic, his father (Melvin Booker) was the main figure of life. Melvin taught his son the fundamentals of the game. In his younger days, booker raised in an environment of basketball players, coaches and fans. The made a huge impact on him and made him strive for more. In high school he was a scoring machine. In college he helped his team to win and that made him a sixth man of the year. Maybe he seemed not athletic or fast but when it comes to basketball IQ, Devin Booker is something else. He can create his own shot, not matter how many defenders on him.

Since 2015, Booker has played for the Phoenix Suns as a shooting guard. As you already know shooting guards are the core of offense. He knew that he had a shoes to fill. The reason for that is Phoenix Suns are not doing good and the team falls back on league in every season.  That gave Booker to an opportunity to shine. That is exactly what happened. As the time passes, Booker scored more and more and every career high scoring games put him on list of the greatest players who scored magnificently in their younger years. On March 24 of 2016-2017 season Booker took his scoring abilities to an utmost level. He scored 70 points against Boston Celtics! This occasion made him a legend. He is the youngest player to score that high in the NBA. He broke the record of Phoenix franchise as well. That game was a statement of he will become a legendary player in the future, definitely!

The Best Devin Booker Extension on the Web

 We gathered exclusive images from the web for you to use as a background image in your new tabs. In Devin Booker Extension of our carefully prepared for Booker fans! The theme is consistent with the wallpapers. The link sections in the extension are specifically serve you so that you can access what you want on the internet in seconds. Search bar for direct searches, popular web sites and social media links and more. Join us and have fun with our extension!






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