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If you feel like you are not enjoying while browsing on the internet anymore, that means you need a refreshing start. You can choose to install our Derrick Rose Extension if you are fan! With that, you have chance to change the interface of the browser and enjoy the new view. Since you are a Derrick Rose fan, you will be interested our blog post about him as well. Take look down below!

Derrick Rose is among the most talented players NBA has ever seen. Surely his injuries throughout his career were huge setbacks but not matter what happens he manages to comeback to amaze his fans. His determination and work ethic made him through hard times. Only a handful of players has a love for the NBA basketball and Rose in one of them. He grew up in a dangerous area of Chicago where the crime rate were high. However his family always supported him to divert from the path of the NBA. Their efforts partially made him an NBA player. Finally he drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2009. In his first year as a rookie, he won the Rookie of the year. Before that there is only one player to accomplish this, Lebron James. At that year Bulls managed to compete at the playoffs and his first playoff debut, Rose manage to score 36 points which is also a rare occasion as well. Bulls fans are immediately knew that Rose was the new sensation since the legendary Bulls Era with Michael Jordan.

In 2010-11 season Bulls had a successful year with the huge help of Rose. He put incredible numbers despite of his age. At the end of this season he named as the Most Valuable Player of the season. That was incredible because Rose was the youngest player to win an MVP award. Bulls made playoff appearances and becomes a contender team again mainly because of Derrick Rose and the team built around him. Unfortunately his injuries got the better of him. After he left the bulls and he ended up several teams. In Minnesota Timberwolves Rose’s game matured he even managed to score 50 points in a game! Now he plays for the Detroit Pistons. After all of those injuries Rose took his lesson. He plays more skilfully and smart and most importantly he showed to NBA that he is not done yet!

High Quality Wallpapers and Beautiful Theme

The first thing you realise when you install this extension is the huge collection of Derrick Rose wallpapers. In your extension tabs you can select a specific image as you background. Every time you open your browser you will see the high definition wallpaper that you chose. You can set any image as your background according to your mood or choice. Aside from the high quality wallpapers there is also a carefully designed date and clock feature that fits the Derrick Rose Extension theme. We are very sure that in a short amount of time this extension will be your favourite!






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