Clash of Clans Full HD Wallpapers & New Tab

In Clash of Clans you have a lot of responsibility! Can you be the chief of a village?

With the Clash of Clans new tab and wallpapers extension you’re diving into a brand new web experience and we present you very high quality Clash of Clans wallpapers in high resolution. With the Clash of Clans new tab extension you’ll see wallpapers that include the Clash of Clans game and characters. If you wish, you can download these Clash of Clans wallpapers free of charge and make them your phone, tablet PC or computer wallpapers. The free of charge Clash of Clans new tab and wallpapers extension isn’t limited to these. Our Clash of Clans new tab extension holds many features like time, date and weather forecast. So you can surf the internet and enjoy it more. If you’re interested, keep reading!

Clash of Clans – Can you train the best troops?

It was developed by Supercell and released in 2012 to App Store, later to Android in 2013.

In Clash of Clans it is all about communities called clans. But you can choose to go solo too. You train troops, attack others to earn resources. There are four very important resources in the game. Gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. Gems are the rarest ones. You can usually buy them with real money. And you can generate others with buildings.

You form buildings, train workers and generate resources. But you also need to protect your territory because other players may attack you when you’re sleeping. You need to train troops too. You can also upgrade buildings and ultimately make a village full of super war machines.

Clans are groups of people who join together to support each other. You can donate troops to each other or give advice on how to beat other players.

Clash of Clans instantly became Top 5 in App Store, and in 2013 Clash of Clans was the third-highest game in revenue generated on the App Store and number one on Google Play. The mobile game favorably received positive reviews overall and it is popularly known among almost all mobile gamers.

Clash of Clans Features of new tab extension

  • Clash of Clans wallpapers will show up on your new tab browser. (You can look over wallpapers from extension’s backgrounds section and you can give priority to wallpapers that you like. During the first set up thanos) wallpapers will display randomly.
  • Date and Time on new tab (You can choose whether 12 hours or 24 hours periods.) (This can be cancelled from settings.)
  • Estimated weather forecast of your location is one of the features of new tab. (When you do not want to use, you can deactivate it from settings.
  • With the Social media pins, you can get high speed access to Facebook, twitter, eBay, amazon, Instagram etc.
  • Customized private search engine will be set as current searching engine.
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