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Black Panther new tab extension & wallpapers

Black Panther is the king of Wakanda, which we call the source of Vibranium (the metal found in the shield of Captain America and the Adamantium bones of Wolverine), which is a very rare and very strong element and its real name is T’Challa. The process of transition to wood …

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Thanos Full HD wallpapers & New tab

Thanos, who also knowns as Mad Titan, is a character who has endless life force. The character Created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich. His main features are superpower, super speed and unlimited life. In addition, he has manipulative, telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Thanos has increased its powers by absorbing …

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Hulk custom new tab and wallpapers extension

Having a psychologically weak and problematic father in his childhood, Bruce Banner faces a major trauma at a young age after his father kills his mother. For Banner, who unluckily meets emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger early, his accident will combine him with a superpower that these emotions …

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Iron Man chrome new tab and wallpapers extension

Tony Stark, a famous inventor and billionaire, takes over the company left by his father which is Stark Industries and starts producing weapons. He earns money from weapons and gets into the blood of people. This makes Tony Stark feel responsible to people. In secret co-operation of Obadiah Stane who …

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Thor chrome new tab and wallpapers extension

Thor, who first appeared on the Marvel stage in the 83th issue of the Journey into Mystery comic in August 1962, has undergone numerous changes within its 50-year history and has become one of the building blocks of the Marvel comic book universe. It is noteworthy that Stan Lee’s admission …

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Gamora new tab extension & wallpapers

She is the last surviving individual of an alien race. She was adopted by Thanos and bred to become a high-level weapon. Over time, she was equipped by Thanos with superhuman powers. In addition, it enabled her consciousness to perceive the behaviors, evil. Gamora, who was trained to be a …

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