Anime Girls Custom new tab and wallpapers

Every illustrator, animator and creator have sense of portraying an anime girl. Which is a sensation to see these girls giving strong poses, confidence and all kinds of emotions. This type of an artistic perspective is very common in these days where the anime style is highly popular around the world. As you know anime girls have a big eyes, tiny noses and thin lips. This is the general style where big eyes are exaggerated to show feelings. Commonly every anime girl has these features. Aside from facial aspects the wallpapers you will see in the link down below will show you the different style of other features. Such as armors to express the warrior way, daily clothes that are relatable to modern viewers and various type of weapons to show the ambitions of the anime girls. Also, the extension we created for your browser will guide you to different styles of this visual sensation.

Distinctive Aspects of Anime Girls

Why anime girls are popular? Sure there are a lot of answers for it. In general, animes are very popular around the young people. They watch it with passion because, they can relate to them. According to the style and story every anime girl some distinctive qualities that will make you admire them. This admiration is not limited for a small group of anime enthusiastic, since anime has a global popularity, anime girls are too. Girls sometimes is the leading characters and have their own journey and sometimes they are the side characters to help to make the story more interesting. And also give the anime some female attributes. All-male type of a story will sure be more boring right? Last but not least the romance should be mention if there is an anime girl involved.

Anime Girls Features of new tab extension

  • Anime Girls wallpapers will show up on your new tab browser. (You can look over wallpapers from extension’s backgrounds section and you can give priority to wallpapers that you like. During the first set up thanos) wallpapers will display randomly.
  • Date and Time on new tab (You can choose whether 12 hours or 24 hours periods.) (This can be cancelled from settings.)
  • Estimated weather forecast of your location is one of the features of new tab. (When you do not want to use, you can deactivate it from settings.
  • With the Social media pins, you can get high speed access to Facebook, twitter, eBay, amazon, Instagram etc.
  • Customized private search engine will be set as current searching engine.
  • Have fun with several HTML 5 games where you may find them in popular games menu.
  • Favourites: In case of using our free extension, your mostly used internet websites will be shown up in new tab and you can get high access to them.
  • Last visited pages: Don’t get lost among mess-up chrome menus in order to find your last visited pages. Set up our extension. After you activate it this feature will automatically be activated in new tab.
  • Themes: Reach new tab wallpapers which are display and designed for you by us by us just to click on this menu


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