Agar io & newtab extension and are multiplayer online video games. While was developed by Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares and released by Miniclip, was developed by Steve Howse and released by Lowtech Studios. Both of them are available on Browser, iOS, and Android. The main purpose of these two games is to be larger or longer. Thanks to some famous YouTubers, these games became known worldwide. Shortly after their release on google play and app store, they were at the top. If you are keen on these games like most people, you can take a glance at wallpapers about them. To access, you can click the link at the end of our article.

Aims aim of is to grow a cell without being swallow by other player’s larger cells. In order to grow, you can swallow randomly generated pellets. These pellets slightly increase a cell’s mass. In addition to this, you can swallow smaller cells to grow. The aim of is to control a worm which is around a wide area. In this area, you try to be the largest and longest in the game. To do this, you defeat and consume other players to gain mass. Modes
Experimental mode: As the name suggests, you can test out new features and mechanics in this mode.
Battle Royale: When you are eaten by a cell or virus, or by staying outside of the safe zone for too long, you lose the match.
FFA(Free-for-all) Mode: In this game mode, everyone plays individually. It means that there are no teams. Your aim is to grow and become number 1 on the leaderboard.
Rush Mode: You have 5 minutes to gain as much mass as possible.
Teams: There are three different teams and all teams have their own color. You randomly join a team and try to swallow other teams’ players. There is only one mode in this game. The only thing that you can do is to change the skin color of your worm. You can do this on the main page.

Gameplay You can simply play with a keyboard and mouse. The mouse helps you to direct your cell. By pressing the space button, you can split your cell into pieces, and you can throw small cells to other players with the W button.
Pellets: There are always pellets on the map, and never ends. By swallowing them, you can grow.
Cells: Every player is a cell in the game.
Viruses: Small cells can hide in it, but if large cells try to get inside it, they split up. If one of the player’s worm’s head collides into a part of another worm, that player dies. The player who dies turns into bright, shining pellets and the other players consume them. By pressing the space bar or left/right mouse button, you can speed up your worm.


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